Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We already have a goal-setting system, how does this fit in?
Proper goal setting is only one element of achieving real effectiveness. We use a structured results-based methodology to work with what you already have. Our tools help you use your objectives to find efficiencies in how time is spent, getting clarity on decision-making authorities, and on the appropriate management styles to influence, communicate and get the right things done.
I have a small/large team, will this work for me? works for any team, of any size. Whether your team works from the same office, or is geographically dispersed, the system is just as valuable and practical to keep your team aligned and focused on results.
What’s your process to get us set up?
First, our Customer Success team will work with you on an onboarding plan to ensure you get the most out of The system is cloud-based, with no software required to install. So, administering user logins is a quick and easy process.
What kind of training is involved?
Our onboarding is delivered in a variety of ways including in-person, live virtual sessions, and recorded webinars. Once onboarding is completed, you’ll have access to ongoing just-in-time learning through our Knowledge Library, as well as our User Guide and Customer Success Team to ensure you and your team stay on track.
How can I be sure my team will use your system?
We find that leadership advocacy helps accelerate adoption. Embedding the system into your management process empowers your team to make it part of their everyday routine. We help drive engagement through email notifications, like weekly reminders to help your team develop the habit of using the system.
Is there a minimum time commitment for signing up?
A minimum of a six-month commitment is required. This is the time you need to see the positive impact of the tools and methodology will have on your management practices.
How do you charge for your solution?
Access to the (toolkit, onboarding and support) is based on a monthly license fee per user.
Is there a minimum number of licenses required?
While access to the tools is based on a monthly fee for each user, there is a minimum monthly charge that’s equivalent to five users for each company.
How secure is my data in your servers?
The application is hosted by one of world’s leading cloud infrastructure providers with full redundancy and real-time backups. It is protected by leading Web Application Firewall provider to protect against SQL injections, Cross Site Scripting, bots and numerous other attack types in real-time. We follow strict SDLC process. Communication between our systems are SSL encrypted and are part of the real-time monitoring and alerting infrastructure.
Do we need to install
No. is a web application, it only requires a modern web browser already installed on your laptop, mobile device or desktop.
Is your app available for download on mobile App Store or Google Play?
Not currently. You can make easy to access by adding a shortcut of the web app icon on to the home screen of your iPhone or Android mobile device.

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